Our Background

Since the incorporation of Destreza Limited back in 2008, we have maintained high standard personnel with distinct skills and industry-top experience. Our experience is drawn from our extensive engagement in rendering our services to Corporates and both medium and small business owners (SMEs). We have also received certifications from the various professional bodies such as CISA, ICPSK, CIA, ACCA, and CPA.

Our Mission

The world and complexity are two inseparable phenomena that will always coexist together. However, the complexity bit of the package means bad news for business which is where we come in. In our mission to work with businesses to create solutions, we help intricate system functions so they can adapt and evolve for the benefit of society. Part of the intricate systems we help within the business ecosystem includes but not limited to, economic systems, capital markets, and tax systems. We have always committed to offering the best assistance to our clients, helping them make well-informed decisions which can only increase their operations efficiency.